Macrame is a knot art. It is an art that emerges out of ancient tradition.  Our relationship with the tying of rope has to lead us to an abundance of new horizons, harnessing us with ever-changing expressions of innovation and function.We aim to anaesthetize this age-old desire for invention into a form of comfort and achievement, held strongly together by the knots of tradition and ingenuity. Our inspiration for this project is built on the belief that this purposeful craft can better the lifestyles of many.

• We want you to love shopping with us and that each step of your experience is filled with delight.

• We are creating accountability to the standards we strive to uphold and are proud to create products that you won’t find anywhere else.

• We prioritize sustainable practices and materials and weigh each decision against our goals of being better for the planet. 

• We try to eliminate as much plastic as possible. We prefer initiatives to offer more recycled, organic and upcycled materials.